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The Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education envisions an integrated statewide system for post-secondary education that better serves California’s diverse students as part of a cradle-to-career educational continuum.

Working toward a California for All

The Council’s work is part of a broad vision for greater equity and prosperity across our state: California for All is reanimating the California Dream—the idea that every person can achieve a better life, regardless of where they start out. This dream thrives on the diverse talents and a spirit of innovation we seek to further cultivate.

Council Origin

In December 2018, Governor-elect Gavin Newsom met with leaders from higher education systems and agreed that the institutional leadership, together with leaders from labor and the business community would serve as his direct advisers on issues related to higher education. The Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education formed in August 2019 to serve as an independent consultative resource to the Governor regarding the economic and social impact of higher education in the state.

An advisory and sounding board role

The Council is advisory to the Governor and does not set policy. It serves as a sounding board for consideration of policy changes within segments that can have ripple effects across the entire education system.

Meeting Materials

With a commitment to transparency and collaboration, the Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education regularly makes meeting plans, materials, and outputs publicly available.