Fresno K-16 Collaborative

Redesigning how regions collaborate on educational and workforce systems to develop integrative models that help ensure learners of all types can attain degrees in high-opportunity industries.
Across the state, new realities are challenging educational conventions. Market forces like automation are driving demand for new degrees. An increasingly diverse student body has changing needs; many face serious inequities.

Regions have an opportunity to build on their strengths and assets, as well as 21st century technologies, with new integrative models that close opportunity gaps, connect education and industry, and support the academic and career success of area students.

Integrating educational systems for learners and the community

The Fresno K–16 Collaborative is an intensive, multi-pilot demonstration project integrating and leveraging the K-12 and post-secondary educational systems across the Fresno region to help learners of varied types and backgrounds attain a degree with relevance in high-opportunity industries. This initiative is designed to close equity gaps for the region’s racially and socioeconomically diverse student population.

Fresno goals
Over the next decade the Collaborative in Fresno aims to reach the following impact targets:
  • Increase the number of graduates with post-secondary degrees in high growth, high wage disciplines that will meet the region’s economic and labor market needs
  • Reduce racial and ethnic economic disparities in degree attainment and the labor market
  • Improve graduation rates and shorten time to completion for associate’s and bachelor's degrees

Mapping clear pathways
to successful futures

All types of learners—high school students, transfer students, and adult learners—are able to enter the collaborative program, which includes high-impact features such as dual enrollment, an integrated data system, student supports, and employer partners. The program encompasses multiple institutions across K–12, community colleges, and four-year institutions.